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Most overweight problems are due to wrong nutrition habits. To change your nutrition habits you first need to know what to change and where to start. The best way for this is to start a food diary. Now you can do it by simply taking a photo with your smart phone.

Without a photo diary it is easy to underestimate the portions you are eating. Taking pictures alone has been shown to better discipline people. You will naturally rethink your food choices while imaging.

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Losing wight alone is hard - we make it easier by eliminating the guesswork. It is proven that expert support helps to achieve your goals. How much sugar and fat is too much? Am I getting enough vitamins? Why does it take so long to lose weight? Our experts with years of experience can answer your individual questions.

Sustainably changing your eating habits only works if you still enjoy your food. For most foods there are healthier alternatives existing. Our nutrition experts assist you in finding those healthier alternatives best suitable for you.

Getting started is the first step towards changing your eating habits. Get healthy today!

It is amazingly easy to track what I eat. And it´s eye opening...has already changed my eating habits.

Petra Mayer